How to Maximize Small Lots to Create a Spacious Home Design

Building your dream home is undoubtedly one of the major goals you can achieve in life. Many things must be clearly considered to bring to life the vision you have in mind effectively. What do you want it to look like? Are there any features you want it to have? Those are just some of the questions that can come across you when deciding on building one.

Of course, searching for the best spot to build your home is essential too. What you plan to build will depend on what land you get. Therefore, the lot you choose will be the foundation of your future home. Having limited space can make the journey more challenging. But this isn’t a problem with the proper planning and design. Here are ways you can do to maximize the small lot you have.

Create a Spacious Home Design

Spacious Home Design,

Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans are among the top choices in today’s architectural trends. This type of project allows the merging of at least two rooms in one single space. Some examples of these include combining the kitchen and dining room. Another option would be the combination of the kitchen, dining, and living room. Considering an open floor plan will allow you to achieve a more inviting and spacious room.

However, this type of home design may require help from a local professional to see if the plan is suitable for the space you have. Hence, hiring local home builders is a great option since they know the area well. In the United States, over a million new residential construction were completed in August this year, showing a 5.2% increase in the country’s growth and demand for home builders.

Similar interest in the service is also visible in Australia, with over 3.1% growth in the market size of the house construction industry. Thus, expert builders in Newcastle, Sydney, Lake Macquarie, and many other areas in the country have been in demand to help create practical home layouts for homes, especially those with limited spaces.

Upward Home Expansion

Planning to add a second story to your home can be a good idea to give your house enough space and room. Upward home expansions are also advantageous to better separate your living and other room spaces.

Other benefits of adding a second story include creating essential spaces like new bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage spaces. Cost-wise, building upwards expansion is also cheaper.

Functional Rooms

Building a home in a small lot requires the ability to make use of the limited space you have. Creating flexible and highly functional rooms will allow you to enjoy a space with multiple purposes. Ways you can do to maximize a room include the following:

  • If you plan to create a home office, inserting a home gym inside it can make the room more functional. You can also make use of the extra space to put up small shelves as storage for your daily work needs.
  • For bedrooms, you can add a small table beside your bed for extra study or working space. Installing tall bookcase cabinets in the corner can also help you maximize vertical spaces in your bedrooms.
  • Purchasing double-duty furniture and items can also help you maximize space. Some include floor pillows, sofa beds, beds with storage underneath, storage benches, bookshelves as room dividers, etc.

Consider Higher Ceilings

Looking for a way to reduce the volume of your home may include understanding your ceiling’s height and shape. A high ceiling can help make your home look more spacious. Rooms with high ceilings can also accommodate light fixtures like chandeliers, making your house more stunning and luxurious.

Furthermore, the higher ceilings you have, the more it can fill the home with natural light. You can also try larger windows to create a better ambiance in your home. On the other hand, choosing the right shape for your ceilings can also help improve the visuals of your home. Trying a tall ceiling form can also bring in elements of spaciousness and openness within your space.

What To Remember When Choosing a Lot

Aside from thinking of ways to maximize your lot, it is also essential to know how to choose one. This may include considering the slope of the lot for sufficient water drains. Checking the direction of the lot will also give you an overview of what environment you are going to have.

Also, check if public amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and the like are reachable. Look for restrictions too. Although you may think about a particular home design, some areas have restrictions. Some may be related to how your home should look like, what home projects you can and can’t do, and the activities you can do with your property. More than anything else, consider a safe and secure environment for your home.


Many people are now considering getting smaller lots for their future homes. It is because they are more affordable than bigger ones and are highly customizable. But, many still think that having a small lot can hinder people from achieving their dream homes. 

Although it may initially seem challenging, the right strategic design and thinking can do the job more easily. Asking for professional help is also a yes, so you can use what you have correctly.

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