What size shed requires a permit in Texas

There’s no denying the fact that Texas is known for its strict laws, primarily related to property. When it comes to permits and licenses, there are a lot of conditions that you need to fulfill to get a certain permit or license. However, it is for the good of citizens and the state. Building a shed is the wish of almost every landowner around the world. It has several benefits for the whole family. Some use the shed as an office, some make it a gym, and the list goes on. Here’s what you need to know about sheds and the permit required in Texas;

shed permit in texas,

What is a shed?

A shed is simply a single-story building constructed using metal or wood and is not physically attached to your house. The majority of people around the world prefer building a shed in their backyard. The most common use of a shed is to store goods, furniture, or whatever you want. You can put tools, equipment, gardening stuff, and other stuff. You can decorate your shed in several interesting ways. You can use your color, design of the doors, windows, and whatnot.

Types of shed

There are a variety of choices if you are planning to buy a shed. Buying a shed might seem like an easy task, but there are a lot of points that you need to keep in mind before purchasing anything. Here are the types of sheds;

Wooden Shed

One of the most loved is a wooden shed, as it can look pretty with any garden style. The traditional look is surely versatile and impressive. Wood is considered one of the easiest materials to personalize too. You can paint whatever color you want without thinking about rust and other impurities. However, you need to make sure you use a waterproof stain as it will give your shed a fresh look. A wooden shed is not only attractive, but it is also strong. You might need to renovate it after one or two years, it depends on the climate you’re living in. They might not be the best option if you live in a region where there’s excessive rain.

Metal Shed

It might not be the best option for a shed, but it is surely a cheaper one. If you live in an area with extreme weather conditions, such as excessive heat or cold, metal sheds are the best. These sheds can withstand these conditions and can also provide sufficient insulation. However, if you are planning to buy a metal shed, don’t forget to anchor it properly with a hard base to make it more sustainable. As high winds can hamper the overall structure of your shed. You might also need to renew the paint after every 8-10 months, as rust can be a serious threat to the overall look of your shed.

Plastic Shed

If you are looking for a shed with no paint and rust tension, a plastic shed might be the best for you. They are easy to clean and transport if needed. A good quality shed can also be durable in harsh weather. These sheds come in several colors, matching your backyard. Wooden and metal sheds require more than 2 people to build them. However, plastic sheds are easily built due to their lightweight nature. Few parts are needed to hold them together. Yet, if you live in a region where tornadoes hit quite often, you might need to change your preference. All of these sheds are made to last, it is up to you to choose the right one.

What is a permit?

If you are wondering what’s a permit? Or Do I need a permit to Build a shed in Texas? Here are answers to your questions;

A permit is a part of a well-functioning society where you inform the authorities about any changes you make to your property. Such changes are of no danger to the people living around you. Permits are aimed to maintain the health and welfare of society. When you ask for a permit to build anything, a city official reviews your project and then gives you the approval.

If you are planning to build a shed size over 200 square feet, you will need a permit in Texas. Moreover, if it is 15 feet tall or more and has plumbing, permits are essential to start the project. You need a permit for a double story shed or if the shed is attached to your home. If the size of your shed is less than 200 square feet and below 15 feet in height, you might not need a permit to build a shed in your backyard. However, it is still better to discuss your construction plan with a city official, as they can guide you properly.