How to Choose the Best Ceiling Lights for Your Kitchen?

You always spend a lot of time selecting light fixtures to decorate your rooms. But what about the kitchen? Don’t you think your kitchen also requires the accent lights to amplify the appearance of your home?

Pendants, flush mounts, semi-flush mounts – likewise plenty of ceiling lights are available in the market, purposely made to illuminate the kitchen area. However, choosing the best ceiling lights among the hundreds is really a tough job.

Keep reading the content to learn how to choose the best kitchen ceiling lights.

Consider the type of light you need

To install the right kitchen ceiling light, it is essential to decide where exactly you need the lights. For kitchen islands, pendant lights or small chandeliers are ideal for illumination.

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If you need lights above the sink, installing flush-mount lights or foster lights will be the best option. Whereas, for the eat-in dining area, modern pendant lights create ambient lighting.

Consider an appropriate shade

Right shades create the right ambience. For example, to opt for abundant bright light, opal glass shade is perfect. While for accent lighting, clear glass shades with a filament bulb are enough.

Consider the right size

Getting the fixtures of the right size and length is again very important. Here’s a quick guideline:

For kitchen island, the ideal distance recommended is 30-36 inches.
The recommended distance between multiple pendants is 26-30 inches.
Distance between the edge of the island and the light fixture is 12 inches.

Illuminating the kitchen area with the best ceiling lights is very essential. Not just to complement your home but even to ensure a safe and hygienic cooking environment.

kitchen lights, kitchen design, kitchen decor,

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So, friends, if you are thinking about redesigning your home or planning to renovate your kitchen, don’t forget to install a couple of glowing ceiling lights. Make sure the lights you install do not create shadows in your preparation zones.

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