SuperTube space-saving drainage system by Geberit

VDF products fair: SuperTube is a space-saving drainage system designed by Swiss brand Geberit to maximise floor area and ceiling heights in high-rise buildings.

The technology relies on a continuous column of air in its discharge pipe to aid the movement of wastewater, negating the need for bulky ventilation pipes on which conventional drainage solutions are reliant.

SuperTube also uses water pipes that are installed horizontally rather than at an angle, and with a narrower diameter than in traditional high-rise wastewater systems.


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Together these features help to maximise both floor areas and ceiling heights within a building when compared to conventional solutions, according to the Swiss manufacturer.

“In high-rise buildings, the ventilation pipes in the drainage systems take up a great deal of space,” explained Geberit. “With the Geberit SuperTube Technology, it is now possible to dispense with the ventilation pipes entirely.”

“With smaller pipe diameters and the possibility to install horizontal pipes, you not only gain space in the bathrooms but you either gain room height or you could add additional floors to your high-rise buildings.”

SuperTube also requires less planning in the initial design stages and caters for faster installation than traditional drainage systems.

Product: SuperTube
Brand: Geberit

Hydraulically optimised drainage of high-rise buildings

Geberit SuperTube technology is based on the perfect interplay between system components, which enables waste water systems to be installed in a particularly space-saving manner in high-rise buildings. SuperTube means a parallel ventilation pipe is no longer required, creating more space for the residential and floor space.

Pipelines with consistently smaller dimensions allow smaller pipe ducts to be used. Horizontal pipelines can be laid to a length of up to six metres without a slope to save even more space.

  • More residential and floor space
  • Simple planning and quick installation
  • Smaller, consistent pipe diameters of d110
  • Maximum discharge capacity of 12 l/s
  • No additional ventilation pipes required
  • Horizontal pipelines without slopes (up to 6 m)

The comparison illustrates the difference:

With Geberit SuperTube (illustration on left), the discharge capacity is 12 l/s. This technology facilitates a consistent discharge pipe with a pipe dimension of d110, meaning there is no need for a ventilation pipe. What’s more, the horizontal pipelines can be laid to a length of up to six metres without a slope.

conventional discharge pipe (illustration on right) achieves a discharge capacity of 12.4 l/s with pipe dimensions of d160 and an additional d90 ventilation pipe.

Perfect interplay

Geberit, SuperTube, Drainage System, Bathroom Drain, Drain Channel,The out flowing water is set in rotation in the Geberit HDPE Sovent fitting.