How to use Basement area other then Parking and storage?

Know best way to transform basement area of your house that add a WOW factor in your modern spaces. Basement transformation is a most creative way and here are some best examples for that.

Basement area are generally creating and use for either parking space or a storage. But, here we are going to see a creative ways to transform a basement with different type of re recreational spaces that add a charm in your house. These are the spaces like, TV room or a game zone, etc. So, however, this basement is now transitioning from man cave to a family room.

Basement Area Transformation Ideas

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Here are some imaginative ways to transform your basement areas.

Modern House Gym

Portland basement gym includes a recycled rubber floor, and everything you need to get (or stay) in shape while watching your favorite show.

Children friendly basement space

Bright colors and natural light add to the allure of this kid-friendly basement. This can be a factor in how to best use the space when you plan to transform your basement.

Crafty Laundry Area

In addition to being the laundry room, this Seattle basement also serves as a craft room. The spacious table provides plenty of room to work, and the storage bins hide all of your supplies. This basement would certainly make laundry less of a chore.

Basement Kitchen Planning

Another trend he’s seeing among homeowners is kitchens in the basement.

Basement master suits

When you transform your basement with a separate bedroom, bathroom and office that look this inviting, be advised – guests may not want to leave. If you are adding another bathroom, you will need to hire a licensed plumber. If you are simply enhancing an existing bathroom, some paint, a more modern vanity, new fixtures, towels, and accessories can make a huge impact.

Why home office not in basement?

A home office in the basement can provide a nice, quiet place to work away from distractions. This minimalist home office in this townhouse has a cantilevered steel staircase and offers plenty of natural light

Modern Basement can be with Bar and Brewery

What’s on tap? Basement home bar and brewery, there’s actually an 8-tap chrome draft tower. For complex basement redesigns, it’s especially important to plan ahead. “If you’re planning a basement remodel, establish your budget in advance.

Multipurpose Gaming zone for house users

Homeowners are also creating multipurpose fun areas and using a vast array of lighting options to brighten or soften the atmosphere.

Modern home theater setup in basement

From mass in-home family game rooms to full-blown home theaters, you can expect to see oversized recliner theater seating, high-resolution LCD projectors which produce theater quality images mounted to ceilings, and images the full width and height of the walls.


So, friends – Many modern-day homeowners are now going for the ‘wow’ factor,”. From movie theaters to offices and even kitchens, homeowners are using their basements for way more than storage. Which one do you like? Must tell us!!! Also, share your suggestions.