Top 6 Effective Ways of Protecting Your Walls from Scratches

Paint scratches on the walls, no matter how small they are, can be an eyesore to a homeowner. The worst thing is that it will require repainting the wall to fix the scratches and dents, which can dent your budget.  Therefore, instead of getting frustrated with the scratches and going through the expenses of fixing the wall, you can try a preventive approach to protect your walls from scratches. The following are six effective ways of protecting your walls from scratches.

Skirting Boards

Furniture is the main culprit of scratches on the walls. When moving furniture, it could nick the paint, causing scratches. Even as you wash the house, the walls can be scratched. The best way to prevent such accidents can be to install safety guards like skirting boards from Skirting World. Skirting boards, like baseboards, will prevent scratches on the walls and serve an aesthetic function.


When doors and doorknobs bang on the wall, they cause damage to the wall, not to mention the annoying noise they create. You can avoid this by using a doorstop at the base. Doorstops come in different designs, sizes, and colors. Therefore, you are sure to get what suits you best. A doorstop helps prevent the door from banging on the wall and can show your personality with your choice.

Adhesive Hooks

If you plan on putting décor, frame, or artwork, you can do it without ruining your wall. You can use adhesive hooks instead of putting nails on the walls and causing damage. They are non-invasive and easy to remove. That means you will not damage your wall if you decide to change the position of your décor.

Wall Covers

Using wall covers for parts with high traffic can also be a good idea. The wall covers protect the walls from scratches and bumps. You can use fabric or vinyl for the covers also to add style. The only thing you need is to incorporate the color of your room. Find something that matches the rest of your interior décor.

Chair Cover-Up

Another cheap way of protecting your walls is using chair cover-ups. The cover provides a barrier between the furniture and the walls. This way, the chair cannot cause scratches when it hits the wall. Make sure you choose the pattern and color of slipcovers that match the rest of the interior design.


It is also possible to prevent scratching the walls by using bumpers on furniture. Consider installing rubber or plastic bumpers on the backs of your living room, dining, or kitchen chairs. Most rubber bumpers are sticky and the most effective in preventing furniture from scratching walls. You can choose any color to blend well with the rest of the house. You can also use felt bumpers since they blend well with interior designs.

Wrapping Up

There are many ways of protecting your walls from scratches. The methods discussed above and the most cost-effective to ensure your walls remain scratch and bump-free. Many use skirting boards such as Skirting World to shield their wall. Remember, a well-maintained wall indicates that you are protecting your property.