How to arrange a mezzanine?

Nowadays, one can find on the web superb images of the furnished mezzanine. What if these images inspired us to create a functional and modern space at home? Granted, an old mezzanine often requires a bit of work to be worthy of photos on Pinterest or Instagram. But rest assured, transforming such a space into a comfortable and modern room is quite possible. Here are some ideas to copy to create a mezzanine in your house.

How to arrange a Mezzanine?

Arranging your mezzanine is a great way to save space to create a separate bedroom, a workspace, a playroom, or even a luxury bathroom. Of course, before embarking on any large-scale work, make sure that it is worth it and that the construction is quite stable and requires additional work from the point of view of its structure.

Arranging mezzanine,

You have a rather small space or your mezzanine is under the slope question mark rest assured, even if the space is atypical there are solutions to decorate it and save more space to find ideas, do not feel free to take a look at our collection of images dedicated to mezzanine furnishings.

Here are our practical ideas for arranging and decorating such a space.

Convert a Mezzanine into a Comfortable Living Room

convert mezzanine,

Regarding how to arrange a mezzanine, a good idea is to transform this space into a separate living room. You could create a relaxation area where you can retire to read or work. 

The mezzanine is in an open space, it can perform several functions very well at the same time, because it allows, for example, to supervise the children while working while being in a secluded and quieter corner. 

In short, the mezzanine can very well be used for the arrangement in the a little more intimate corner which will wake up to the different members of the household two different ways. 

To create such a space, opt for an armchair sofa, preferably in a neutral color, and do not forget a few accessories to personalize the decoration. Ground mats and lice are a great idea in this regard.

As you can see in our pictures a loft furnishing project provides a lot of different options we can take advantage of the space to save space for children to use, and create a kitchen or a guest room.

How to Arrange an Open Mezzanine

open mezzanine,

The beauty of the mezzanine is the possibility of creating an open and airy space, so in addition to taking advantage of more surface area, we also take advantage of the plan of the room and maximize its volume. If you are creating a mezzanine with a sloping ceiling, remember to keep this plan open as much as possible. if your friend my friends is rather tall, you can still enjoy different areas within the room. 

For this it is not always necessary to add partitions, sometimes we can simply bet on clever separations. We can also take advantage of the characteristics of the architecture to arrange different ones such as a bedroom, an office, and a playroom.

The interiors with mezzanine are often apartments in atypical houses. For this reason, we can allow ourselves original and creative arrangements to optimize the space. For example, in such an apartment with my friends, you can bet on an open bathroom on the lower level or even on floating or spiral staircases.

floating staircase in open mezzanine,

To make the space more comfortable, we also rely on suitable lighting solutions. For example, if you have a mezzanine with a sloped ceiling, you can install sconces or lights on the ceiling to further illuminate the space. Also, take advantage of the high space for your storage to create a well-organized interior.

The apartment with a mezzanine or the loft which has one is often an atypical space. For this reason, they can derive much more from a choice of original furniture. So do not hesitate to opt for interesting furniture for the development of your space with a mezzanine. 

For example, one of the popular solutions in terms of furniture choice for such a space is the industrial style. It blends perfectly with an open-plan house and with mezzanine space. To favor this type of furniture in your interior, opt for raw wood surfaces, accompanied by a touch of metal. 

You can also recycle old factory-style objects and furniture. Combine this type of furniture with a neutral color palette, typical for the industrial style.

wooden stair in open mezzanine,

the Scandinavian decoration is another very popular option for the development of space with a modern mezzanine point the Nordic decoration favors airy spaces and is open with several zones. For this reason, it is ideal for furnishing in an apartment with an open mezzanine. 

In order to succeed in Scandinavian decoration, we will favor a palette of light colors ours. White, gray, beige are essential in such a décor, they are complemented with touches of dark gray or black. You can also complete this decoration with light wood surfaces with pastel touches.

Convert a Mezzanine into a Bedroom

bedroom mezzanine,

One of the most practical and popular solutions to convert a nine-bedroom house. If it is an adult bedroom, we will think about making the most of the available space to possibly fit out a practical dressing room. If the room plan allows it, you can also create a mezzanine bedroom with an office area.

Create a Teenage Bedroom on the Mezzanine

om on the Mezzanine,

If you have children and you don’t have enough space to arrange a bedroom for your daughter or your son, why not take advantage of your mezzanine to create one? 

The teenager’s bedroom on the mezzanine can be a private space for your child where he can withdraw when they wish, discuss it with him or her to decide what is style of decoration he prefers for this space. Among the popular options, industrial style for boys and Scandinavian chic décor for a girl.

Two levels with neutral and peaceful colors and touches of wood

Mezzanine color,

Here is a design space in two levels combining neutral hues and bright touches in yellow. We love the zen aspect and the open plan of this room complemented by touches of wood on the kitchen furniture. To complete them, we bet on a carpet in light colors, a little demanding to maintain but perfect for this Zen decor.

A mezzanine with glass window and pastel colored keys on the wall

Mezzanine pastel color shade,

Here is a space dominated by light wood, giving it a decidedly Scandinavian look. The touches of black present on the elements of the staircase railing and on the furniture contrast nicely with the light shades otherwise present in the room. White walls are a chic solution for Scandinavian decor. To vary the colors one can, we bet on pastel shades on the second level of the space. The glass box is an original and very design solution allowing to adapt the space also to young children.

A mini mezzanine with pallet bed and industrial design

mini mezzanine with pallet bed and industrial design,

A space with a mini mezzanine is perfect for the arrangement of a bedroom. And this goes even for a very small apartment, like, for example, a studio. To decorate such a space, you do not need a huge budget. 

You can, for example, bet on a wooden pallet bed. If you like industrial decoration, this option is particularly suitable for your home. 

In fact, with an open mezzanine, we can see elements of the pallet furniture on the second level and they fully participate in the decoration of the space. In this décor, we still like the wood species chosen for the decoration of the floor of the first level. This one adds a lot of character to the room and a chic look to the whole space.

Industrial decoration with touches of wood and blue and red carpet

Industrial decoration with touches of wood and blue and red carpet,

Open mezzanines are very suitable for industrial design. If this type of decoration appeals to you, you can bet on this decoration even in small spaces. 

For example, if you have high ceilings, you can make a makeshift mezzanine accessible via a vintage staircase. The improvised aspect of this décor goes perfectly with the workshop and former factory atmosphere of industrial décor. 

In addition, to furnish this original staircase, we reused old pipes. An eco-friendly approach that perfectly reflects the spirit of industrial décor.

Design space with concrete walls and integrated lighting

Design space with concrete walls and integrated lighting,

A small mezzanine space is associated with a Zen-style decoration. Eh yes ! We take as proof the decoration of the space above. In this interior, we favored a light wood floor covering, perfect for a relaxing atmosphere. The choice of lighting is also very successful and is suitable for such a décor. 

To go further, we observe the small space stairs designed to save as much space as possible within the interior. But it is the second level of the truly original space and invites to ultimate relaxation. Upstairs, we opted for a Zen bathroom completed with green plants. They add a natural look and contribute to relaxation within the room.

Scandinavian design with exposed white walls and a large spacious mezzanine

Scandinavian design with exposed white walls and a large spacious mezzanine,

Here is how to arrange a space with a Scandinavian-style mezzanine. This interior is dominated by light colors, such as white and gray. The choice of furniture is also in the spirit of Scandinavian decoration.

For example, we observe a small coffee table with wooden legs and a marbled top whose shape is perfectly Scandinavian. The absence of curtains is also a conscious choice, as curtains are often absent from windows in Scandinavia (to facilitate lighting of the interior during the winter months). 

The wood in the kitchen is also an element of this style. We like the idea of ​​adding potted green plants to this room. In addition to adding a natural touch to the look of the room, they are also air purifiers!

Small original studio mezzanine with suspended bed design

Small original studio mezzanine with suspended bed design,

How to set up a very small studio with a mezzanine? To answer, just take a look at the top image. To save space, we built a suspended mezzanine that functions as a functional bedroom. 

Moreover, we see another original solution: the semi open bathroom with bathtub near the dining area. Even with the very original innovations introduced by this décor, this interior remains a good example to save space while offering optimal comfort.

Original interior plan under slope with second level small space

Original interior plan under slope with second level small space,

Dressing a wooden wall can be a good way to save space to build a second level and install a new room. This is the solution adopted in this small interior space allowing several people to live in a small accommodation. A successful bet!

Luxury décor with second level and staircase with glass and metal banister

Luxury décor with second level and staircase with glass and metal banister,

Glass stair railings bring a modern and airy vibe to this modern room. We love its original luxury decor vibe provided by the high-end coverings and the choice of glass accessories. Lighting also plays an essential role in this atmosphere.

Small original seaside design space with metal rope railing and wood accents

Small original seaside design space with metal rope railing and wood accents,

Scandinavian décor in white and black with two levels and bedroom

Scandinavian décor in white and black with two levels and bedroom,

Scandinavian ambiance space with exposed wall and kitchen area with hanging lights

Scandinavian ambiance space with exposed wall and kitchen area with hanging lights,

An idea for furnishing a playroom with touches of trendy wood

An idea for furnishing a playroom with touches of trendy wood,

How to save space with storage under the stairs for the second level of the interior

How to save space with storage under the stairs for the second level of the interior,

Hope, this all collection of different type of mezzanine floor ideas with décor and color combination hope you in your decoration process. If you have any this special for all, share with us.