Tone on tone defines the decor

Environments mix neutral colors and textures in a house with impeccable architecture. The straight and striking architecture of the architect Marcio Kogan , who signed the project for this house, served as an inspiration for the architects at the Mestisso office to develop the decoration for the internal and external environments.

Tone on Tone defines the Décor

Formed by the architects Andrea Lucchesi, Carolina Razuk and Merê Esteves, the office is based on contemporary populations and the miscegenation of races that make up the rich current scenario to develop their projects. Thus, they explore architecture with their own eyes, combining different materials, colors, textures, shapes and concepts.

In this house, specifically, the colors were a decisive point, as the client would not want the interior to stand out from the exterior. The relationship of equality and the interconnection of spaces would need to be maintained. Thus, the architects chose to create spacious and cozy environments with imposing furniture.

To create a visual unity, the architects chose to use materials of different textures and similar shades, meeting the customer’s desire for harmony. The large blank walls were filled with works of art, handpicked by the residents in partnership with the professionals.

The outdoor area looks like a continuation of the living room, interconnected by large sliding glass doors. The swimming pool, flanked by a wooden deck and a tree-lined garden, allow the interior and exterior to merge, making the residents’ daily lives more relaxing.