Did you know the 25 worst interior design trends of the last 50 years?

Interior design trends: we are always looking for current interior décor trends, right? But, think about which one is good or worst. So, today we share some interesting facts about interior design trends survey done by Samsung giant with British youth. Actually, the laws of home décor often derive from personal opinion, varying depending on which “expert” you ask. In an effort to uncover the most serial interior design crimes of our time.

In a public vote of 2000 uk adults, Samsung asked participants to vote on the worst interior design trends of the past 50 years. The results are as controversial as they are varied, with a total of 25 trends spanning half a century, and leaving no room intact. A panel of design experts from publications including wallpaper, ideal home and house beautiful created a shortlist of the worst interior design trends spanning a period of half a century.

Worst interior design trends from last 50 yrs.

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The top 25 worst home horrors from the past 50 years:

  • Toilet rugs/furry toilet seat covers (44%)
  • Taxidermy (39%)
  • Avocado bathrooms (32%)
  • Floral ‘chintz’ furniture (28%)
  • Waterbeds (25%)
  • Artex walls and ceilings (25%)
  • Carpeted bathrooms (25%)
  • Rag rolled walls (23%)
  • Tribal carvings, masks and wall hangings (23%)
  • Stone cladding (19%)
  • Animal print anything (19%)
  • Inspirational quote art stenciled on the walls (19%)
  • Carpeted or textured walls (19%)
  • Beaded curtains (19%)
  • Living room bars (19%)
  • Bidets (17%)
  • Round beds (17%)
  • Professional family portraits (15%)
  • Shabby chic anything (15%)
  • Shag pile carpets (14%)
  • Wicker furniture indoors (12%)
  • Wallpaper borders (12%)
  • Curtain pelmets (11%)
  • Tv cupboards (11%)
  • Stenciled walls or decals (11%)

Top 5 best interior design trends:

Not surprising then that invisible technology was named amongst the top 5 best-loved interior design trends in recent years alongside open plan living, rustic styling and chic Scandinavian style furnishings.

  • Open plan living (66%)
  • Rustic furnishings e.g. distressed wood, bare floors (49%)
  • Scandinavian/mid-century style furnishings (48%)
  • Invisible technology (37%)
  • Heritage paint and wallpaper (36%)

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Actually, Samsung doing this survey for their new qled tv launch. The new qled tv from Samsung signposts a revolution in TV design that matches our increasingly sophisticated interior design tastes – it can blend in with the décor of the home or display imagery when not in use1, effectively banishing the ugly black screens which have dominated our living rooms for so long.

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