Modern linear house design known as Onyx lit house by Emerge Architects

Onyx Lit House:  Our first impression of Toucheng Village and Wishi Harbour in Yilan was the smell of salty waves, the sound of splashes on the glossy shingle beach, and the sight of distant Guishan Island. The image of dissolving waves and glittering sea foam became the source to the guest house’s design element. Clusters of round openings on the black facade allow light beams and diffuse inside like roaming foam in the air. The building morphs into an obscure lantern whose dim light glowing upon the voyagers. Climbing up the narrow staircase directly to the 3rd floor, long and gloomy, but a flickering radiance in the far end. Imitating the experience of running through the longest tunnel in the country from Taipei, expecting Yilan’s open plain to come and guide, just like the starry lighting placed above.

In the guest rooms, light holes in sizes on the wall filter out buzz and leave serene frames of the streets cape. Balconies are open but not exposed; every guest may savor exclusive scenery, whether courtyard or hillside, whether sunlit or drizzly, in their own comfort.

Best Example of Modern House Design in Black Color

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Exterior Facade of the Black modern House Design

Interior Spaces of the Contemporary linear house design

Lighting design for Onyx lit House

Modern House Plans

So, friends this is one fine example of the modern linear house design with bold color like black and expressive geometric shape window in circular shape! What do you think about this design idea? Share your view with us.