Furniture Polish Type /Cost / Brand Everything You Need to Know

Polishing is one of the best ways to give new life to your old furniture. Furniture are a timeless classic that tends to lose its natural shine with regular usage and time. However, one can still refurbish or renew the look of the furniture and bring that shine back. It is where the role of furniture polish kicks in. In other words, furniture polishing is a way of caring for and maintaining a healthy glow. 

What is furniture polish?

Furniture polishes are defined as creams, lotions, or pastes to protect, clean, or shine the furniture. Most of the products are originally composed of natural waxes, which tend to leave a buildup with time. Nowadays, furniture polishes combine oil, synthetic polymers, or petroleum-centric ingredients with natural waxes. 

These modern formulations of furniture polish clean the film residue on them and put on a new polish within a single step. Thus, you do not have to strip off the old polishing layers periodically. Furniture polishing is different for finished and bare wood. 

What are the different types of furniture polish types?

There are many types of furniture polishes, which are broadly classified into two subcategories. One is surface polish which stays on the furniture surface and offers a thick protection layer. The second one is penetrating polish, which goes deeply into the wood and helps to absorb it inside. We have further divided these categories below.

1. Water-based polish

This type of furniture polish is suitable for all furniture types, including stained, bare, or painted. Water-based polishes offer a transparent polishing coat on the furniture and prevent it from becoming yellow in the future. 

2. Varnish polish

Varnish furniture polish is ideal for stained and bare wooden furniture. They are available in different sheens but can only apply to wet areas. 

3. PU polish

It is considered one of the best furniture polishes due to its sturdiness and durability. It is also moisture-resistant. However, it also includes a disadvantage as the polish is not made for outdoor furniture and tends to fade away rapidly under UV rays.

4. Wax-based polish

It is a penetrating furniture polish that you can use as a paste or a liquid. This type of polish is primarily plant-based and in some cases, can be derived from animals also. Thus, depending on the type and its origin, the user might have to mix the wax-based polish with oil before applying it on the wooden surface.

5. Lacquer polish

 If you want to add shine or a glossy finish to the furniture, then it is time to give lacquer polish a chance. After spraying and polishing with lacquer polish, it dries up within minutes and the furniture will have a luxurious and rich look.

6. Shellac polish

Shellac polishes are available in the market in different colors and are primarily known for their hard finish and durability. It is mostly used as a sealer and a stain remover. It is ideal for redecorating old and worn-out furniture and gives them a brand-new look. However, it is resistant to moisture, and thus, it is not best for outdoor pieces. 

7. Oil-based polish

An oil-based polish gives a yellowish tinge to the wooden furniture, a satin finish, and a luxurious shine. It also does a good job of covering the cuts and scratches on the wooden furniture due to its high penetration power. 

8. Melamine polish

Melamine polish is a closed pore polish, making the wood non-breathable. It thus protects the furniture from hot and cold surfaces placed above the furniture, making it perfect to use in the kitchens. It completely dries off within 20 minutes of application. However, it also has a downside, as its longevity decreases when it comes in contact with water.

Cost of furniture polishes

It is really tough to predict the price of the furniture polishes as it depends on the availability and many other factors. However, we have compiled an average price for each of the furniture polish to use below.

Furniture polish typePrice per square foot in INR
Water-based polish30 to 50
Melamine polish110 to 150
PU polish250 to 400
Oil-based polish80 to 120

Top furniture polish Brands in India with their products

It is now time to check out the most popular furniture polish brands available in India below.

  • Pledge

If you are searching for the best furniture polish brand, then Pledge is the top one to look for. You can use the furniture polish from Pledge on different surfaces, leaving the items smelling outstanding. The company offers different types of polishes like enhancing polish, classic polish, lavender polish, wood oil, and many more. You can use these polishes from the spray bottles on any surface, like granite, quartz, plastic, wood, Marvel, stainless steel, laminate, and others.

The Pledge products revitalize every item and leave a glossy coating and a fresh aroma on them. Pledge offers easy-to-use and versatile furniture polishes, thus earning the number one spot among the furniture polish brands.

  • Blueoxy

This furniture polish is a high-grade conditioner, polish, and cleaner. The surface appears to be glowing and beautiful due to real orange terpenes. It prevents fading and drying of any wooden furniture, including tables, desks, antiques, kitchen cabinets, chairs, and paneling. The company produces eco-friendly products with natural citrus terpenes and organic hydrocarbons. It does not leave any waxy or oily residue on the furniture surface after implementation.

  • Azcona Impex

Azcona Impex is renowned for offering beeswax furniture polish that eliminates dirt and wax buildup. The product restores the old furniture look and removes grease, dirt, scuff marks, grime and others from the painted surface. You can use their beeswax on types of treated wood to bring back life to the furniture. It cleans and polishes the furniture to give back its natural shine.

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Bottom Line

Taking care of your furniture for years will help you to cherish different memories related to them. Since most of the furniture is made from wood, it tends to wear off with time. The best way to maintain them is by polishing them with the ideal product to sustain their shine and durability for a longer period.