Wabi Sabi with Indian Heritage Interior Design

This is UJ Darna, I am 20 years old, a Bachelor of Science Student, I study in New Zealand but I am Originally from Hyderabad, India. I am not an Interior Designer by profession but during my last visit to India, my father asked me to design and build a house like never before, so I took a break from study and finished the project.

Over the last year I designed and executed this apartment. I would like to submit the project for an editorial feature, I am most interested in getting my work featured on your digital channels.

Example of Wabi Sabi with Indian Heritage Interior Design

living room sofa design,

Project Description: 


Background 1: Indian Heritage 

October 2022, Hampi, Karnataka, India; During my visit to Hampi, an ancient village that is dotted with numerous ruined temples of the Vijayanagara Empire, I observed many attempts to preserve the ruins of the temples, forts and many monumental structures in the region. The beauty in these structures and the glorious tales written on the cracks of the fallen, inspired me to preserve a bit of that heritage in modern homes and thus this project.

corner sofa design,
side table design,

Background 2: Wabi Sabi

The Japanese design principle of Wabi Sabi has worldwide recognition. The principle briefly enables one to identify the beauty in imperfection. The appreciation of the fallen heritage of Hampi, Karnataka, closely resembles the Wabi Sabi principle. 

dining table with wooden furniture,
relaxing chair,
wooden finish door,
bedroom design ideas,
pestle brown color bedroom,
fresco wall finish,
bedroom sofa,
spot light location,
shiv parvati murals,
wall mural in indian house,
kitchen design in brown shades,

Hence, I present to you this project, designed using the Japanese Wabi-Sabi principles, yet deeply roots India’s Heritage in its soul. 

  • Submission Type: Apartment Design 
  • Design Style: Indian Heritage x Wabi Sabi 
  • Location: Hyderabad, TS, India
  • Preferred Feature: Digital or Social Media

This project details is submit by UJ Darna.

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