Entrance Gate and Foyer By Urbanalog Architects

First impression of any building is their first sight of entry gate as well entrance porch décor. Team Urbanalog Architects come with unique solution for that necessity of appeal for building. Designer create out standing entrance gate which highlight and define the approach way of residential apartment complex. When we approach main gate, immediately our eyes held on the double height entry foyer. External cladding material as well body mass volume creates inviting appeal to visitors of this premises.

Entrance gate Design

entrance gate,


Architects: UrbanalogArchitects

Area: 125 m²

Year: 2022

Photographs: Urbanalog

Lead Architect: Parth Sadaria

Design Team: Sagar

Client: Parijat Developers

City: Rajkot

Country: India

main entrance gate with canopy,
double height porch design,
entrance porch decor,
entrance gate,

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