The Brief was about creating a home that encloses all the necessary elements for a young couple. the plot size was 24’ x 17’ with an area of 408 sft .The building stands tall in the north west area of the urban sprawl of Coimbatore abutting roads on north and west and adjoining built forms on east and south.

Our client wanted a studio room in ground floor for the rentals and first is comprised of open living+kitchen+dining ,bedroom with an attached toilet. based on the area first priority was given to the space efficiency to the micro level as much as possible because of the constraints.

Compact Home Planning

The planning was purely based out of the staircase module that was played around the plot to ensure the quality usage of the plot. The staircase module was placed in the south east corner of the place so that the light and wind punctures the layout.

The stairwell is used to create the stack effect i.e. the major usable area of the house is open by giving stack opening in the clear storey areas in inclined manner to resist rainfall.

Since the north western corner transmits more thermal energy porotherm blocks were used to reduce  the heat conductance. perforations were used throughout the building for lighting and ventilation. The wall were curved to increase the space efficiency.

The volume was decreased in the parking area and increased in the upper level to make the space feel large and to create better lighting and stack effects. The façade was done with exposed brick masonry and stained glass and glass perforations to ensure maximum day lighting through the north.

The wall was corbelled a bit on the outside whereas on the inside the traditional concept of “THINNAI” in Tamil translates to a seating that is built with bricks along the façade to create a visual access to streets.

Storage spaces were built with reclaimed kadappa stone from site in corbelled methodology. Filler slab methodologies were used to reduce the u values of the slabs .Exposed stones masonry was done on the western side in ground floor with stones reclaimed from the old building that existed earlier.

Gate was also done with reclaimed window grills that existed on site and bamboo. The wood used throughout the building was reclaimed native wood called “Karumarudhu”. The Flooring was done with the traditional oxide flooring mixed with lime.

Fact File of the Dusk – The Compact Home

  • Project Name : Dusk –The Compact Home
  • Location : Coimbatore,Tamilnadu
  • Year Built : 2021-2022
  • Duration of project : 13 months
  • Plot Area : 408 sft
  • Built up : 850 sft
  • Project Size: sq feet :  850 sft
  • Project Cost Appx : 2500000
  • Principal Architect(s) : Sabarish Thirumurthy , Tamilselvan
  • Team Design Credits (for Particular Project) : Gokul G.S , Sanjay Kand
  • Material Palette of the project : (major materials) (please share images for this)
  • Photograph Courtesy : Sanjay Kand
  • Instagram Tag – masonryofarchitects
  • Facebook Page – Masonry Of Architects
  • Products/Materials/Vendors : Weinerberger,Asian,Tata Oxide,Surya Lime,Kavery Pipes

Porotherm Blocks

Porotherm Blocks,

Size Stone


Yellow Oxide

Yellow Oxide,

Color Palette for each area :  Olive Green

Color Palette, Olive Green,

Project Image Gallery