What Are the Most Popular Drawer Designs for Modern Homes?

Drawers are one of the most important and practical fixtures in any home. They give a location to keep and easily retrieve stuff without rummaging among stacks. And while they come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, some designs are more popular than others — such as bathroom or kitchen drawers. Drawers are essential to everyday life since they provide practicality and aesthetics. In this post, we’ll go into the drawer world, looking at their design, usefulness, kinds, materials, and price ranges to help you make informed storage decisions.

Design: Where Looks Meets Performance

Design is quite important in the world of drawers. The drawer’s appearance and structure are tied to its functionality. For instance, when making a purchase decision, you must consider how the look and design of the drawer will work with the space it will occupy. The beauty of drawers is that they are available in various shapes, sizes, and styles and can blend in virtually any design scheme. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, drawers provide a functional role in your house by providing a simple method to store or retrieve objects without sifting through heaps.

Types of Drawers: 

1. Chest of Drawers:

 This chest has a classical piece of furniture featuring numerous drawers piled vertically, offering plenty of storage for clothing, linens, and tool chests on wheels. 

2. Under Bed Storage Drawers:

 These are typically found in the interior of a base unit cabinet or inside a nightstand. Their under-bed storage usefulness is to store items under the bed.

3. Plastic Drawers:

 Made from plastic, these plastic storage are an excellent choice for children’s rooms, home offices, and closets.

4. Drawer Slides: 

A drawer slide is attached to the bottom of a drawer — underneath it — that allows the drawer to open up without falling off the shelf. Drawer slides can be helpful in various storage situations, allowing you to have more items per shelf space than just regular drawers.

5. Kitchen Drawers:

 These are found in the kitchen and come in various designs that allow you to store your kitchen utensils, gadgets, and tools.

6. Closet Drawers: 

These drawers are placed at the entrance of closets and storage areas. They allow quick access to items like shirts, pants, or towels — without opening the closet doors. They’re often used for shoes as well.

Types of Material:

1. Wood: A traditional wood dresser gives your drawers a natural and rustic feel. They can be used for all cabinetry and furniture styles—including modern ones.

2. Metal: You can store everyday accessories with metal drawers since they’re functional and sturdy. Metal also gives your room a more contemporary look since it’s an industrial material commonly used in home decor today. Metal is perfect for exposed shelving units or work surfaces as it looks great on its own and in combination with other materials.

3. Plastic: The plastic drawers are a decent choice to make your room modern and add a pop of color. They also tend to be lightweight compared to wooden drawers, making them easier to move around.

4. Glass: These drawers are another great choice if you want more space-saving options in your room. Often used in closets, they’re inherently translucent. Which protrudes more light into the space while providing greater privacy when one is present. Glass still isn’t a material found on most furniture products today. There has been a noticeable increase in its usage, encompassing various styles and an extensive range of prices.

Usability and its Types:

1. Bedroom Drawers: These are commonly seen in bedroom furniture sets, such as white dressers and nightstands, and are intended to hold clothing and personal goods.

2. Malm Dresser: The Malm Dresser, a renowned IKEA drawer, blends elegance and utility with its elegant design and several drawers. It’s a perfect storage option for homes with an understated and elegant style in their bedrooms.

3. Kids’ Dresser: The kid’s dresser is generally tiny for kids’ clothing. They’re usually found in the bedroom to keep clothing organized and within easy reach, so your child can grab their clothes on time instead of getting dressed every morning or every evening.

4. 3-Drawer Dresser: These 3-drawer dressers are commonly used in adult and kid’s closet drawers — as they allow for multipurpose use of space, both here and beyond its intended use.

5. 6-Drawer Dresser: Ideal for those on a tight budget, these 6-drawer dressers are perfect for small spaces, particularly in the bedroom drawers. Because they are small, they can easily fit underneath a bed or inside a nightstand.


When choosing drawers, consider the manufacturer and whether the product is handcrafted or mass-produced. Established furniture firms like IKEA Dresser provide diverse drawer alternatives to meet various demands and prices. On the other hand, handmade drawers frequently have one-of-a-kind craftsmanship and personalized embellishments. They also tend to have a more individually crafted feel, as they’re produced with attention to detail that mass-produced products can’t match. That doesn’t mean you should avoid mass-produced drawers — especially if you want a specific style and price range. However, if you want a unique and personalized piece of furniture for your home or office, handmade drawers are the way to go!


The price of drawers depends on the material they are made of and the design. Wood-made drawers tend to be more affordable than metal or glass ones since wood is one of the most commonly used materials for furniture — since it’s both affordable and relatively easy to use. Drawers are available at various pricing points, making them affordable to anyone. The following is an approximate breakdown of pricing ranges:

1. Affordable: Drawers under $100 are typically inexpensive — ranging from about $50-$150. These are the perfect items to have in your house if you’re on a budget.

2. Mid-Range: These artificial drawers cost between $100-$550, which is more than affordable. They’re great as they provide a stylish and functional alternative to traditional wooden drawers while also being constructed out of a highly durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain.

3. High-End: These drawers range between $550 and $1,500, which makes them expensive for most people. However, they provide the utmost quality and luxury in your home. These drawers are made out of high-quality materials and are very durable. They can last a lifetime if used properly. 


Drawers comprise one of the most essential cabinetry pieces in a home or office. Choosing the proper type, style, and brand can all determine the success of your white chest of drawers. It would help to consider how you want your drawers to look and whether they will be used only for storage or decoration purposes. Remember that many different types of drawers are available, depending on your needs and preferences in design. Understanding the design, usefulness, kinds, materials, and price ranges will enable you to make an informed decision that fits your space and budget. So, embrace the power of drawers and start organizing your home immediately.