Architects in Melbourne – 20 Top Architecture Firms In Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne’s architecture scene is well-known for its world-class designs, demonstrating its rich history and culture. The top architecture firms in Melbourne have showcased exceptional skill and creativity in creating masterpieces across the city and beyond. Let’s find out more about these architectural firms in Melbourne and the prominent projects they have worked on-

Top Architecture Firms In Melbourne,

Top Architecture Firms In Melbourne

These firms have made significant contributions to Melbourne’s architectural landscape. I can provide you with information about some of the top architecture firms in Melbourne up to that point. Please note that there might have been developments or changes since then. Here are a few prominent architecture firms in Melbourne:

1. Bates Smart

Bates Smart,

The architectural firm has worked on several prominent commercial, healthcare, educational, and residential projects in the city. They design functional and aesthetically appealing spaces using sustainable materials and technologies. They ensure the design of a building complements its surroundings and fulfils the requirements of those using it.

2. Hayball


The architectural firm begins the design process after comprehensively understanding its context. They focus on sustainable design and building practices. They believe collaborative efforts produce impeccable results.

3. Carr

Carr Architects,

The architecture and interior design the firm builds timeless and innovative buildings enriching the lives of people experiencing these spaces. South Yarra House in Melbourne is an impressive residential project of Carr. One of the most notable features of this project is the use of natural light to illuminate interior spaces. The design of various building components makes optimum use of space.

4. Hassell


The prestigious architectural firm has offices worldwide. They have worked on a notable mixed-use development project- Melbourne quarter. Various residential, office, and green spaces are designed using environmentally friendly practices with close attention to detail.

5. Elenberg Fraser

Elenberg Fraser,

The reputed architectural firm has designed many mixed-use and residential towers that elevate the beauty of Melbourne. They incorporate green roofs, water harvesting systems, etc., in the building’s design to minimize its negative environmental influence.

6. John Wardle Architects

John Wardle Architects,

The Ian Potter Southbank Centre is a noteworthy project of this firm. One of the most notable features of this 8-level tower is its large windows encouraging visual interaction between spaces without disturbing acoustic balance.

7. Denton Corker Marshall

Manchester Civic Justice Courts,
Manchester Civic Justice Centre United Kingdom Architects – Denton Corker Marshall

It is a well-revered firm in different parts of the world, including Asia and Europe. This prestigious practice has delivered high-value small and large-scale projects, including museums and educational and research institutes.

8. Woods Bagot

Woods Bagot architect,

The firm has worked on several projects in Australia, Europe, and Asia. Its Melbourne studio is a beautiful space encouraging interaction between users of the building through carefully designed spaces separated by a curtain.

9. Craig Tan Architects

Craig Tan Architects,

The architects quickly accept new challenges and have worked on various commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential projects. They are believed to be activators giving users of a building a memorable experience through their carefully fabricated spaces using specialized design strategies.

10. Lyons


Urban design firms use a collaborative approach to turn the client’s vision into reality. Their educational, commercial, and urban design projects are internationally renowned and respected. They continuously try to incorporate new local and global concepts and technologies in their work.

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11. Kennedy Nolan Architects

Kennedy Nolan Architects,

The specialty of the architecture firm is designing buildings in confined sites. They create aesthetic structures considering the sites of their location. There is a visual connection between the building’s interior and its surroundings.

12. DesignInc


Besides creating stunning architectural projects, they provide interior design, urban design, landscape services, etc. They have worked on several educational projects, including building the Ultimo Public School. They believe the design of educational facilities should emphasize transparency.

13. K2LD


All their projects are uniquely designed catering the needs of their clients. They explore various design styles, not adhering to a particular type. They believe in building solid and long-lasting relationships with their clients.

14. Taylor Knights

Taylor Knights,

Their motto is creating beautiful and thoughtful residential and commercial spaces. While designing, they consider project sustainability and pay much attention to finer details.

15. Ewert Leaf

Ewert Leaf,

The firm leverages data and design to transform the future of architecture. They take pride in being innovators of an innovation program- Landchecker. The program generates useful comprehensive reports based on site conditions for planning purposes.

16. Cox

Cox Architects,

The firm uses innovative technologies to create memorable experiences for those using these spaces. They take pride in delivering projects on time and within their client’s budgets.

17. GHD Woodhead

barwon-water-exterior GHD Woodhead,

The firm operates globally to solve the complex nature of modern living by creating thoughtful and responsive designs.

18. McBride Charles Ryan

McBride Charles Ryan,

The Melbourne-based firm experiments with building geometries and colors, creating unconventional architectural marvels. The use of colour for highlighting warmth and vibrancy is evident in this firm’s Dallas Brooks Community Primary School project.

19. Jackson Clements Burrows

Jackson Clements Burrows,

It is an award-winning firm. Their residential, commercial, and hospitality projects are internationally renowned.

20. Studio 505

Studio 505,

The firm is located in Melbourne but has created noteworthy projects worldwide. The Lotus Building, an iconic civic landmark in China, is a part of their diverse portfolio.

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Ending words

Whether you seek designs for commercial, residential, or educational projects, the abovementioned top architecture firms in Melbourne are sure to provide exceptional solutions surpassing your expectations.