The Reading Room – A Children Library Design by A N Design Studio

The Reading Room is more than just a reading space. It’s a profound celebration of words, language, and community. Architecturally designed as a versatile hub, it caters to all forms of communication and expression, from language development classes for children to community sessions and events for adults.

This library space encompasses a well-curated library for those hungry for knowledge and a tranquil study space for those seeking solace in the world of words. Over 12,000 books are lovingly hosted within its walls, creating an atmosphere that thrives on collaboration, intellectual discussions, regular workshops, classes, and open mic sessions. It’s a space that transcends age barriers, fostering a love for reading and nurturing creative thinking skills.

The Reading Room Near Me – A Children Library Design

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Library Design Concept

It’s a G+1 mixed-use space that seamlessly blends the functions of a library, an event space, and a residence.

The library design embraced the raw beauty of rustic materials, employing exposed brickwork and raw concrete, which were thoughtfully complemented with accents of green and wood, infusing a touch of nature into the space.

The reading project encompasses a variety of other spaces across its two levels – including sales areas, workstations, an office space, a common wash, a pantry, a study area, an event space, a bedroom with a bathroom, and an open terrace space.

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Reading Room Project Fact File

  • Type: Mixed Use Architecture, Library
  • Location: Thiruvananthapuram, India
  • Architects: A N Design Studio
  • Area: 233 m²
  • Year: 2023
  • Photographs: Pigments Imagery

Lead Architect: Anavadya

Project Architect: Rose M Joyce

Technical Assistant: Athira

City: Thiruvananthapuram

Country: India

Library Elevation Design

The form and facade narrate a tale of two levels – The base, where the main library resides, is adorned with exposed brickwork, exuding warmth and a strong connection to nature.

Above, the concrete block features intricate jaali and boxed windows, offering glimpses into the activity and utility spaces.

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indoor photography, library reading area, child play, reading room, furniture,

Interior Planning of Reading Room

The idea was to reimagine the library concept as it transcends the conventional role of being a space to merely showcase books; instead, it becomes a platform that promotes literature, interaction, conversation, collaboration, and connections.

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indoor photography,
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The ground floor design introduces a hierarchy of levels, ensuring an unobstructed view from the main entrance to all major spaces. The design seamlessly integrates an open-plan structure with full-height shelves and a continuous seating platform, inviting readers to immerse themselves in literature while becoming one with the space.

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indoor photography, glass window, book racks, floor carpet, child reading,
indoor photography, steel stair, grey floor carpet, book storage,

Thoughtfully placed glass openings create a fluid boundary between the inside and outside, inviting the external environment to be a part of the reading experience.

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indoor photography, brick wall, writing table, chair, wooden shelf, book rack, trees background,

The office room in the northeast corner epitomizes transparency through large glass doors, opening to a semi-covered patio that doubles as a green pocket.

The brick backdrop and the contrasting grey finish of the shelf wall attempt to add depth and character to the space. Connecting the ground floor to the first is a sculptural staircase that interacts harmoniously with the surrounding space, choreographing a symphony of light and shadow.

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The versatile event space celebrates light on the first floor while providing adequate privacy. An expansive opening with an intricate brick jaali acts as a dual-purpose element, diffusing the western sun’s brightness while ensuring privacy from neighboring structures. This design creates an ambiance that balances natural radiance with discreet seclusion, making it an ideal stage for events that echo with creativity and vibrancy.