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Top 21 Popular Vitrified Tiles Brand Company in India.

Tiles are among the most popular building materials that come to mind when we think of interiors. Ceramic tiles were widely used in former times. However, vitrified tiles have become more commonly used in modern times due to their superior advantages over ceramic tiles. 

60% silica and 40% clay, along with trace amounts of quartz and feldspar, are the main ingredients in vitrified tiles. Vitrification is the melting and merging various materials with hydraulic pressing to create a glass-like element. Let us get into the Blog.

1. Orient Bell Limited | Vitrified Tiles 

One of the top brands today, Orient Bell, began as a business in the 1970s. The production facilities are in Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh; Hoskote, Karnataka; and Dora, Gujarat. New Delhi is where the corporate office is situated. They provide Glazed, Double Charge, and Full Body VT.

2. Kajaria Ceramics Limited

One of the biggest manufacturers in India, Kajaria Ceramics, has been in business for 34 years. They operate eight plants across India: three in Gujarat, two in Andhra Pradesh (Vijayawada & Srikalahasti), two in Rajasthan (Gailpur & Malootana), and one each in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh’s Sikandrabad. Their polished and glazed vitrified tiles are available.

3. Nitco Limited

One of the most well-known companies, Nitco has its headquarters in Mumbai and has been in business since 1953. They offer Soluble Salt VT, Glazed VT, and Double Charge VT.

4. Simpolo Vitrified Limited

Simpolo has been operating since 1977 and has had constant growth. The headquarters and the production facility are located in Morbi, Gujarat. Both double-charge VT and whole-body VT are offered.

5. Rollence Granito India

One of the country’s oldest manufacturers, Rollence Granito, is close to the Gujarati town of Morbi. They offered polished and glaze-coated glazed VT.

6. Somany Ceramic Limited

An organization with a stellar reputation that has been in operation since 1969 is Somany Ceramics. The company operates manufacturing facilities in Kassar, Haryana, Kadi, Gujarat, and other joint venture locations. THEY OFFER double-charged VT, Soluble Salts VT, and Glazed VT.

7. Asian Granito India Limited

Since its founding in 2000, Asian Granito has worked to establish a standard for the industry worldwide. Gujarat is the only place where they have a plant. They offer both double-charged VT and Polished Glazed VT.

8. Karara Ceramics Private Limited | Vitrified Tiles

With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, Karara Ceramics is one of the top producers in North India. Their production facility is situated in Sikandrabad, Uttar Pradesh. Glazed and polished glazed vitrified tiles are what they offer.

9. Cera India

Since its establishment in 1980, Cera India has been well-known for its tiles and environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes. Glazed and polished glazed vitrified tiles are what they offer.

10. Kripton Granito Private Limited | Vitrified Tiles

One of India’s well-known businesses, Krypton Granito, offers services for producing excellent vitrified tiles. Glazed and polished glazed vitrified tiles are what they offer.

11. Fusion Granito Private Limited

Porcelain vitrified tiles are produced by the business Fusion Granito. They are based in Morbi, Gujarat, along with their plant. They offer polished glaze-coated porcelain vitrified tiles and glazed vitrified tiles.

12. H & R Johnson India Limited 

Since its founding in 1958, H & R Johnson India has grown significantly. There are thirteen production facilities and over 35 branches, of which Gujarat is home to six. Both Polished Glazed Vitrified tiles and Glazed Vitrified tiles are offered by them.

13. Swastik Tiles| Vitrified Tiles

To have a new, creative, and upbeat approach, Swastik Tiles was founded in 1996. Gujarat serves as their home base and manufacturing facility. Full Body Vitrified tiles, Multi Charge VT, Glazed VT, and Polished Glazed Vitrified tiles are all available from them.

14. Accord Vitrified Private Limited

The Accord Group of Companies includes Accord Vitrified, one of its associations, founded in 2018. They are based in Morbi, Gujarat, along with their plant. They offer whole Body Vitrified Tiles and glazed and Polished Glazed Vitrified Tiles.

15. Specto Ceramics | Vitrified Tiles

With the Noble Group, an organization that has been in business for more than 57 years, Specto Ceramics is affiliated. Their corporate office and manufacturing facility are in Morbi, Gujarat. Double Charge Vitrified Tiles are offered by them. 

16. Bluestone Ceramics

Having been in business for a while, Bluetone Ceramics is dedicated to providing the highest quality products possible while utilizing cutting-edge technologies and premium raw materials. They are based in Morbi, Gujarat, along with their plant. Full Body VT, Soluble Salt VT, Double Charge VT, and Glazed Porcelain VT are among the services they offer.

17. DecorCera India

DecorCera has been in business for over 40 years and has a significant market presence. They have two corporate headquarters, one in New Delhi and the other in Kutch, as well as one production facility in Morbi, Gujarat. They offer VTs for soluble salt, full body, double charge, and glaze on porcelain.

18. Lavish Granito Private Limited | Vitrified Tiles

Lavish Granito has been well-known in this field for more than 20 years. They are based in Morbi, Gujarat, along with their plant. They offer Polished Glazed VT, Soluble Salt VT, Double Charge VT, and Glazed VT.

19. Sakar Granito Indi Private Limited

Established in 1998, Sakar Granito is also called “SakarMorbo.” In Gujarat, they are now recognized as the top manufacturers. They provide Glazed VT, Soluble Salt VT, Full Body VT, and Double Charged VT.

20. Millennium Overseas

Since 2007, Millennium Overseas has been active in the market. The company’s headquarters are in Morbi, Gujarat, and the manufacturing facilities are in both cities. Glazed VT and double-charged VT are available from them.

21. Bajaj Tiles

Bajaj Tiles, one of the most well-known brands in the tile industry, has more than 30 illustrious years of experience. Gujarat, India, is the location of Bajaj Tiles. Bajaj Tiles’ success is attributed to innovative Italian technology, well-equipped European machinery, and dependable Indian values. 


The analysis of India’s top 21 vitrified tile brand companies reveals a highly competitive market dominated by leaders such as Kajaria, Somany, and Nitco. Their high-quality products, innovative designs, durability, and superior strength make these brands renowned. They have a widespread distribution network and prioritize customer satisfaction through excellent after-sales service. As reliable and trusted names in the industry, these brands are expected to continue thriving in India’s growing demand for aesthetically pleasing and durable flooring options.