Top Architects in Pune List of Top Architectural Firms in Pune Maharashatra

Stunning interiors are not magic or created by chance. They are the creative thinkers and designers of the top architects in Pune who invest their time and energy to create the best out of everything. And while developing your residential or commercial space, choosing the best Architect in Pune is very important.

All the architects listed here are the best in Pune. But, some might excel others in different features. It includes past experiences, client feedback and a lot of other factors. But almost all of them can design beautiful outdoor and indoor spaces according to their creativity.

So, the list of the top architects in Pune are as follows.

  1. Alkove Design
Casa Tao by Alkove Design

Source: The Decor Journal

Alkove Design is one of Pune’s best and most premium architects. It was established in 2013 by the established duo of Ninada Kashyap and Komal Mittal. It is a distinguished and prominent architecture firm based in Pune. Komal and Ninada have been delivering outstanding projects with a keen eye on detailing and an appreciation for context and craftsmanship. From a diverse range of residential and commercial projects, Alkove has been on the top for years and has maintained its reputation as the best architects in Pune for residential houses

Types of Projects: Residential, Commercial, Interior Design and Architecture

Address: 1st Floor, Alkove Design, Ruchi Apartment, 602 Pulachi Wadi, Pune, Maharashtra, 411004.

  1. Alacritys
Alacritys Interior Design


Alacritys is a renowned company in Pune known for its innovative design and creative thinking solutions. Their passion and commitment to delivering successful residential and commercial projects have made them thrive in the industry for a long time. Their dedication to work shines through their design ethics and the platform they have established. Alacritys have been one of the best residential architects in Pune for years and they have been continuing their legacy successfully.

Types of Projects: Interior Design, Residential, Commercial and Architecture.

Address: 171, Phase 1, Lane No. 4, Indraprastha Society, Hadapsar, Maharashtra, Pune, 411208.

  1. PG Architects
PG Architects Interior Design


PG Architects, a professional and renowned commercial architect in Pune, devotes time to preparing aesthetically pleasing and sustainable architectural projects. With the utmost focus on fulfilling the demands of the clients, they create outstanding architectural solutions for various commercial and residential projects. 

Types of Projects: Residential, Commercial, Architectural and Interior Design.

Address: 403, Chandrarang Silver, Pimple Gurav, Pune 411006.

  1. Sovereign Architects
Sovereign Architects Bungalow

Source: Sovereign Architects

Sovereign Architects completely follows the tagline, “We Design You” as they create architecture and interior design masterpieces. Being one of the best house architects in Pune, they have successfully completed several Architecture projects. The company solely focuses on landscape development and township planning and delivers outstanding projects.

Types of Projects: Residential, Commercial, Architecture and Interior Design.

Address: Besides Reliance Fresh, STERLING HORIZON, Flat No. A2, Pashan-Sus Road, Pune, Maharashtra, 411021.

  1. DnC Architects
DnC Architects


The DnC engineers seamlessly combine the realms of construction and design to develop innovative projects for the customers. Their approach towards every construction project is based on strong grounds of construction expertise while their designers help to add a touch to the project. With the minimalist, contemporary, and aesthetic design, DnC architects boast their works with their projects. They have a different mindset and approach towards every construction project that aims towards perfection. For such reasons, they have always been the top priority for house architects in Pune who boast dedication along with their work culture.

Types of Projects: Commercial, Residential, Interior Design and Architectural.

Address: 407 Ekadanta, Pune, Maharashtra, 411004.

  1. The Arch Studio
The Arch Studio


Arch Studio is a leading architecture design company in Pune that has a strong reputation for building innovative and creative commercial and industrial projects. They combine their functionality and innovation for the building works and designs. Arch Studio stands tall for precise detailing of every commercial and industrial project.

Types of Projects: Residential, Commercial, Architectural and Interior Design.

Address: 206, 2nd Floor, Millennium Star Building, Dhole Patil Road, Maharashtra, 411001.

  1. Studio Course
Studio Course Interior Design

Source: Houzz

Studio Course believes that interior design and architecture plays a major role in the house’s aesthetic and its endurance. They adopt a thoughtful mindset towards every construction project and offer the best and narrative framework to the house owners. They also communicate with different design elements to prepare outstanding works cohesively. Studio course offers solutions to navigate in diverse manners that might arise during the creative procedure. 

Types of Projects: Residential, Architectural, Commercial and Interior Design.

Address: 3rd Floor, 243, Budhwar Peth, Shivaji Road, above Ganesh Stores, opposite Datta Mandir, Pune, Maharashtra, 411002.

  1. Red Brick Studio
Red Brick Studio Architecture

Source: Archilovers

Red Brick Studio are leading eco friendly architects in Pune who are dedicated to transforming housing spaces with their innovative and creative mindset and providing sustainable design solutions to the customers. Having a team of functional and talented architects, Red Brick Studio creates aesthetically pleasing, functional and timeless designs for the customers. 

Types of Projects: Residential, Interior Design, Architecture and Commercial.

Address: Satara Road, Pune, Maharashtra, 411009.

  1. Studio AVP
Studio AVP Architecture

Source: The Architects Diary

This architecture company was established in 2014 to craft spaces that hold deep significance for the customers. The primary focus of Studio AVP is to create sustainable, responsive and sensitive structures that are highly efficient. With more than 6 years of experience in working both nationally and internationally for commercial and residential projects, the chief architect of Studio AVP has a genuine passion for design and takes care in detailing every masterpiece. 

Types of Projects: Residential, Commercial, Architectural and Interior Design

Address: Flat No.1, GRHR+WM2, Rage Path, Model Colony, Shivaji Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, 411016.


Some of the architects in Pune offer excellence in their works. Some of them are also known as architects for internships where you can gain knowledge and skills about architectural design and development. Pune has a great demand for architects for residential and commercial projects and also for interior design. Their understanding and creativity helps in the development of innovative projects that reflect the experience of the master architects. 

But, your task is to select the best from this lot who can fulfill your requirements. Alkove Design is one of the top architects in Pune who has been offering unwavering excellence in their projects and allowing the homes to take a shape according to the customer’s demands.