Architects in Mumbai- Best Architectural Firms for Internship in Mumbai

The study of architecture requires not just technical knowledge but also theoretical knowledge. The architectural scenario for the students spans around five years, with 16 weeks or one semester, which is called the internship period. During this time, the student has to work with the top architects in Mumbai and get a first-hand experience of the office and the environment.

But, you must also choose the right architect firm where you can complete your internship. Here, we are going to talk about the best architects in Mumbai for internship where you can gain ample experience to have a great career ahead.

Hafeez Contractor Architect

Alt: Architect Hafeez Contractor

Source: WhereIsTheNorth

Since its establishment in 1982 by three eminent individuals, Hafeez Architects has become one of the most prominent architecture firms. They are also the best architects in Mumbai for residential houses. With more than 550 employees, including project managers, architects, interior designers, and draftsmen, they have helped build private and pubinc projects. If you are interested in doing your internship in Mumbai, you can consider Hafeez Architect as your priority.

Location: Fort

Atelier Design N Domain

Title: Atelier Design N Domain

Source: ArchDaily

Atelier is also a renowned and reputable architecture firm. They are known for creating bespoke designs for the furniture and spaces. The multi-disciplinary boutique and interior design architecture firm has completed several projects for its customers. The team at Atelier believes in collaborating with the owners, discussing the needs of the customers, and understanding the different design principles to deliver the best project. If you are considering the best residential architects in Mumbai for internships, you can take your chance at Atelier. They can provide internships in luxury residential, corporate, hospitality and retail.

Location: Goregaon East

Architecture BRIO

Title: Architecture BRIO

Credits: STIRworld

Two eminent individuals meeting in Sri Lanka, influenced by the interior works of architect Geoffrey Bawa, led to the establishment of Architecture BRIO. The studio of this architecture company walks in through an environmental landscape that fosters innovation and experimentation. They consider every project a challenge to improve themselves and work best in sustainable design, landscape and architecture, urban design, residential, hospitality and recreation. Being one of the renowned eco-friendly architects in Mumbai, Architecture BRIO is famous for providing internships to students who are interested in the above-mentioned works.

Location: Khar West


Title: DCOOP Architecture Works

Credits: DCOOP Architecture

Established in 2003, DCOOP Architectural firm believes in the fact that design is something which is derived through a proper understanding of any site. Having worked with some of the famous architects around the world like architect Geoffrey Bawa and Rahul Mehrotra, the owners of DCOOP, Quaid Doonerwala and Shilpa Ranade understands the study of architecture very well. They are one of the best commercial architects in Mumbai and are also known for providing internships in the field of master planning, residential, office, retail and institutions.

Location: Kalachowki


Title: Morphogenesis Architecture

Credits: Mint

Morphogenesis was created by architects Sonali and Manit Rastogi, who are known for providing safety, livability and comfort. They also keep local climate and ecology in mind while working on the projects. They have named their design philosophy as SOUL. Students interested in master planning and commercial and residential designs can do their internship from Morphogenesis. They are some of the best house architects in Mumbai who are definitely worth exploring if you are considering internship.

Location: Andheri East.

DP Architects

Title: DP Architects


Established by Singapore individuals, DP Architects has also established its presence in India and many other countries. Their aim was to create architectures that would lift up the human spirits. Students who are interested in urban planning and architecture, project management, consultancy, lighting and visual planning, interior designing, and sustainable design can consider DP architects in Mumbai for an internship for exclusive and the most comprehensive training.

Location: Nariman Point

Rooshad Shroff

Title: Rooshad Shroff Architecture

Credits: Indesign Live

Rooshad Shroff is a boutique architecture firm based in Mumbai established in 2011. The firm focuses on interior design, furniture, products and architecture. The firm has made its mark in luxury interior designing and has been delivering top-notch projects since its inception. The in house team of Rooshad has experience in diverse architectural projects. And if you are considering top architects in Mumbai for an internship, you can also reach out to Rooshad Shroff Architectural firm in Mumbai.

Location: Marine Lines

Sanjay Puri Architects

Title: Sanjay Puri Architects

Credits: ArchDaily

After graduating from the Academy of Architecture in Mumbai in 1988, Sanjay Puri established his firm in 1992. He also worked with the professional Hafeez Contractor and gathered his experience in this domain. Students interested in large scale residential projects, office and interiors and educational buildings can get their internship done from this architecture firm in Mumbai. They have superb and years of internship experience. Being one of the best commercial architects in Mumbai, Sanjay Puri specialises in both commercial and residential interiors.

Location: Mahalaxmi

Studio Emergence

Title: Studio Emergence

Credits: Studio Emergence

Founded by the duo Seeja Sudhakaran and Architect Khushbu Davda, Studio Emerge is an architectural firm in Mumbai that prioritises parametric and geometric designs. The office comprises innovative and creative designers who speak with their architectural plans and works. They have network with the renowned and professional designers across the world whose assistance helps Studio Emergence create exceptional works in and around the world. Students interested in interior and urban design, landscape, architecture, and parametric architecture can get their internship done from here.

Location: Vikhroli West


Architecture internships are indeed exciting. Here, you get to learn many skills and polish existing ones. But, students get confused about choosing the right architects in Mumbai for internship. So, here we have provided a brief guide on the best architects in Mumbai who provides internship to the architecture students. You can specialise your existing skills and also develop new ones from one of them and become one of the professional architects of the world.