5 Ways Your AC Can Break Down in Houston

As the heat of summer starts to settle in, people begin to relax outside with their families and friends. On average, there are 204 sunny days per year in Houston. However, summer is also the perfect time to cool off indoors by cranking up the air conditioning.

Summer is a perfect time for air conditioners in Houston. But repeated usage of any electronic device results in its breaking down. Therefore, getting the service booked from a 24 hour AC repair Houston is vital.

Why AC Break Down

AC Break Down,

Seasonal changes cause anxiety for anyone with an air conditioner in Houston, as these often include the AC breaking down from overuse or malfunctioning from the change in seasons. Here are five ways in which your AC can malfunction.

  1. The Fan Motor Stops Working

According to reports, on average, central air conditioner prices in Houston amount to around $5,675. A fan motor inside the air conditioner makes the air conditioning work, and it takes in cool air from outside and sends it throughout your home, cooling it down when needed. These motors have around 10-15 years if properly maintained by being cleaned regularly. If your AC’s motor stops working, it is time to call repair service.

  • Your AC Is Leaking Water Everywhere

If you see your AC leaking water everywhere or you can hear a trickle of water from inside it, then chances are there is something wrong with one of the seals, and this needs to be repaired ASAP. A small leak in an air conditioner is not a good sign, and your unit could fail because of it, or it could get moldy, and that is not good either. Call a professional ASAP to come out and check your AC for any leaks.

  • Your AC Unit Is Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your air conditioner gets turned on and off very quickly, usually within a minute or so. It can be dangerous for you and your AC as the compressor could cause the pressure to build up and break something in your lines, which means you need technicians for 24-hour AC repair in Houston. The most frequent cause of short cycling is dirty filters. If they are clogged up, the air conditioner will need to turn on and off a lot to try and push air through it.

  • Your AC Unit Is Leaking Refrigerant

If there is a leak in your AC’s refrigerant lines, then this means that there is icy air escaping from somewhere in your air conditioner that you can’t see. If that is the issue, you need to call a professional immediately because this will cause internal damage to your AC if it is not repaired quickly. A leak like this could cause strain on the compressor, eventually causing it to stop working altogether, ending with needing an expensive new air conditioner.

  • There is a Weird Smell Coming from Your Air Conditioner

If you start to notice a strange smell when the AC unit turns on, there is something wrong with either the Freon or wiring. It could also be that the glycol has turned into an acidic chemical which it should not be. But if you cannot identify what the strange smell is, then this needs to be checked out by a professional before any damage is done. Thus, if you notice any of these five signs with your air conditioner or something else entirely, you must call repair services immediately.