Smart glass wall hide bedroom view in this masculine modern apartment

Smart glass wall technology example: This is one fine interior design example of a modern apartment in Buchan, Ukraine by a 33by architecture firm. I am here put this for the idea of switchable glass partition example. How we use smart glass in our interior design project with their switchable technology that creates a wall as well view. Actually, this masculine apartment interior is solely done for a young businessman that present visually everywhere on apartment decor.

Example of Smart Glass Wall use in Interior Design

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So, let’s check what this smart glass technology is. Before looking at further photos of the apartment, here’s the floor plan that shows how the apartment has an unconventional shape.

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Fact files of switchable glass film interior:

  • Architecture firm: 33by architecture
  • Lead architects: Ivan yunakov, Olga korniienko, Natali raga, Yaroslav katrich
  • Photography: Oleg Stelmah

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Switchable privacy glass wall design philosophy

The dark interior palette uses a variety of materials throughout its design, such as brick, natural African black stone, onyx, leather, copper, wood etc.

A large smart glass wall that divides the living space from the bedroom has been installed using a “smart glass technology” system.

The opaque switchable glass wall hides the bedroom from view for more privacy. However, it can also become transparent to let light travel throughout the interior.

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The open plan areas of the apartment are home to the living room, the kitchen/dining area, and a working space.

In order to add a touch of brightness to the apartment, a panel of backlit white onyx framed by copper edging is featured in the kitchen.

In the bedroom, the brick accent wall becomes a backdrop for a lighting sculpture.

Modern apartment interior design challenges:

One of the challenges the designers faced was to create a full wardrobe area in such a small space. To solve this issue, they created a movable wardrobe, that at the click of a button.

It moves half of the wardrobe away from the wall, allowing access to the side closest to the wall.

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At the request of their client, a freestanding bathtub is install on the platform next to the wardrobe. So that views of the city from the bedroom window can be seen from the bathtub.

In the bathroom, dark interior design elements have combined with lighter walls and copper details. A pop of color has added in the form of a blue shelving unit with built-in led lights.

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Crux: So, what do you think of this modern and masculine apartment with bold color palate, fully functional businessman home, smart glass wall that uses smart glass Xbox technology with movable wardrobes and city view from the bathroom. Share your ideas and suggestions here and stay tuned for regular updates from us!