8 Types of Wooden Bench Legs You Can Order Online

Fancy-looking bench legs can make a big difference in how your furniture looks. It is particularly true about the legs because most people pay more attention to them than the seat or backrest.

In most cases, the furniture comes pre-assembled from the manufacturer with all kinds of accessories and connectors, so you only need to set them up in place, and you are good to go. If your bench is made of wood, attaching the wood bench legs will be easier because they usually adapt well to this material.

However, you cannot know which leg types are available if you pick something randomly when making an online order. It pays off to do research beforehand to see what you can get and narrow down your choices.

Wooden Bench Legs types,

Types of Wooden Bench Legs

Here are different types of wooden bench legs you can order online:

1. Standard Legs

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These are the most common legs you can get, typically symmetrically shaped. They usually consist of two poles that go into the ground on one end and have pads on the other to protect the furniture.

Usually made of metal or wood, these legs are inexpensive but cannot withstand much weight without toppling over.

2. D-shaped Legs

These have the shape of a capital “D” and are ideal for heavier pieces of furniture, such as an armchair or a desk chair.

They provide more stability than standard legs but cannot be used with all types of furniture made of wood or metal, so you need to check compatibility before ordering them.

3. Globe Legs

Globe legs made of wood are suitable for outdoor benches, as they are weatherproof. They look beautiful too, but you need to make sure that the wood used is sturdy enough for this purpose before making an order online.

4. Country Legs

These are short legs made of metal or wood with a rustic look. They are suitable for picnic tables, children’s furniture, or other pieces of furniture that are made to be used outdoors.

5. Fluted Legs

These are decorative wood bench legs with rings cut out of the middle, usually installed on chairs and benches for aesthetic purposes. However, they are not very strong, so chair owners need to read reviews before ordering online if their bench’s weight limit is high.

6. Bamboo Legs

Bamboo is a popular flooring material that can also make leg extensions for any furniture made out of wood, such as a picnic table or a bench with short legs.

To attach your new bamboo legs, you need to drill holes in the bottom end and secure them with screws or bolts.

7. Curved Legs

These are metal legs with a unique design attached to almost any wood bench, either indoors or outdoors. They look great and provide increased stability, but they cannot support heavy weights on their own, so it is advisable to strengthen them with extra metal parts if you want your bench to hold a lot of weight.

8. Tapered Taper Legs

These legs look like they have been cut out of a single piece of wood and feature a unique shape that makes them suitable for furniture with intricate designs, such as armchairs or small tables. They are not suitable for all types of bench legs made from wood, as they need to be drilled into the bench’s surface.