Planning your décor with a flatmate

After you shift in with new flatmates or have a new flatmate shift in, décor is probably one area none of you bother to dwell much upon. Yet, both of you have preferences. There might be times when he or she may want her book collection displayed in the shelf in the living area while you had already earmarked to keep your toy car collection.

Planning your décor with a flatmate

While first-cum-first-serve is barely the adult thing to do, we often don’t coordinate on décor with our flatmates. We just assume one of us will step back and let the other one go ahead. This may be the ultimate way to do it but doing it without openly discussing is not a healthy way to start your stay with another human being. Follow these simple hacks for coordinating your apartment décor with your flatmate.

Openly discussing who gets what spot to display their items in the common is a great way of dispelling any hard feelings. If there is a paint job to be done, then be sure to discuss it with your flatmate since both of you have to live in the apartment. If have certain reservations against your flatmate’s new neon pop-art poster then be sure to say it so that he or she is aware of it.

If your flatmate walks in with a minion lamp that sings silent night, appreciate it and compliment it. Add you’re happy meal minion collection to it to create an envious minion corner table décor. If both of you have common areas of interest, work it to bring the best décor to your apartment.

Deciding your apartment décor together is a tiring job that will require compromises and adjustments. Also remember that what your flatmate puts upon his or her wall is none of your business but the fancy telephone that looks like lips, placed on the kitchen can always be questioned.