A modern example of the industrial interior design of penthouse in Kiev

This penthouse apartment in Kiev is full of industrial interior design elements. Architecture and interior design firm, have completed the transformation of a penthouse apartment, that’s located in what was once the equipment room of a building in Kiev, Ukraine.

Industrial interior design ideas

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Penthouse interior design fact file:

  • Interior design firm:
  • Location: Kiev, Ukraine
  • Year: 2017
  • Style: industrial interior design
  • Photography: Andrey Bezuglov

The modern industrial interior design concept

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Penthouse plan sketch

Here’s a look at the floor plan that shows the layout of the apartment.

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Images of penthouses interior

Tall ceilings and metal window frames are featured throughout the apartment that has an industrial modern theme.

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Materials like, wood, concrete, glass, and stainless steel have been used to create an interior that shows off the industrial design, but also creates a comfortable interior.

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The social areas of the apartment are all open plan, and there’s even a DJ stand for entertaining.

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Adjacent to the DJ stand is the kitchen that features stainless steel cabinetry that complements the steel ceiling.

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The dining table features a wood top and a steel base that ties in with the flooring and other steel elements throughout the penthouse.

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Partitioned off from the social areas of the apartment by a wall of steel-framed glass, is the master bedroom. Steel paneling covers the wall opposite the bed, while the sloped ceiling is accentuated by the glass frames.

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The unsuited bathroom, which is raised up onto a platform, makes the most of the view with floor to ceiling windows, and a glass shower surround. When some privacy is needed, there’s also a curtain that can be pulled across

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There’s also a guest bedroom, that’s located at the opposite end of the apartment. It features two beds and views of the city.

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Crux: so, what do you think about this modern and industrial interior design style of the penthouse? Share your thoughts with us. Also, stay tuned for updates from this design blog!