How to Crack Upcoming NATA Exam

Crack NATA Exam easly: Here are the best and quick tips for crack upcoming nata exam for architecture course in pan India.The Council of Architecture (CoA) conducts NATA Exams to provide eligibility for BArch admissions. Since most Architecture colleges accept NATA scores for admissions, lakhs of students appear for the entrance examination every year. Therefore the competition level for the NATA entrance examination is quite high and the candidates need to be well-prepared. NATA Exam crack tips will help the candidates bring out their best performance and score well. Read the full article to know more about How to crack upcoming NATA Exam.

Tips to crack upcoming NATA exam

  • Track of Health
    First and most important point for give best performance in exam, You should ensure that healthy diet and good sleep is important factor. Regular breaks should also be taken in between studies. Candidates should also indulge in outdoor extracurricular activities to remain healthy.
  • Don’t take to much time.
    So, prepare the basic outlines with light hand and then come to final drawing only. When you satisfied with the ligh or concept drawing or out line and proportions.
  • Complete entrie NATA exam papers
    Half or unfinished answers not fetch marks. So, develop speed to answer a quation completely in all NATA exam papers.
  • Always be creative.
    Try to be creative and think unconventional way and not run on earlier defined way of creativity. because there is no define style of creativity.
  • Only drawing skills not enough
    We all know that drawing skills is neccesary in NATA exam preparation, but Composing 3-D elements, memory drawing, scale understaning and proportions, perspactive drawing, light and shadow effects, etc are all equally important to crack nata exam.
  • Previous Papers study
    During NATA exam preparation, previous paper solving exercise is not enough but also need to find way to solve in proper sequence of answering the questions.
  • Answer sheet size
    Nata exam answer sheet in A4 sizes. So, try to practice in same size instead of A3 paper sizes.
  • Collect general knowledge of architecture field
    You need to get general knowledge of greatest architects and their architectural marvels.
  • Crucial Motivation
    You need to motivate your self other than hard work and the right way of preparing for nata exam.
  • Colour Practice
    Try to diffrent medium of presentation but dry colour practise will help you to get more marks covere in upcoming NATA Exam.

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