Should Bedroom Windows Be Closed at Night in India?

Why you read this article? Are you looking for health effects or safety of your house with open windows in night, correct? Yes, generally, while we are sleeping for long hours and bedroom ventilation is not proper, there are chances to increase the level of carbon dioxide in side space. Which cause long term health issues.

So, everyone is not thinking about only health issues, there are some other safety problems, also. Sometime country like India, there are extreme weather conditions and, in that seasons, you have to shut your bedroom windows. But try to ventilate bedroom properly by other means.

Bedroom Windows,

Is it safe to sleep with windows open at night?

Does your bedroom windows have a safety iron grill? If yes, you can defiantly, make it open in night. But many times, it depends upon your location of residence. Like, if you are residing in country side, where you have peaceful environment then fine. But if you are work and stay in urban areas, I hope you are luck in life, where you can open your bedroom windows and sleep peacefully in night.

Also, there are many areas along entre country, where you need to face mosquitos and other insects in night time, be care full and install proper mosquito nets on your bedroom windows.

Is it bad to sleep with the window open in winter sick?

If you are not use to it, you get instant cold and other sicknesses. So, it’s 100% up to you that whether your location and weather conditions suits your personality or not.

Dangers of sleeping with bedroom window open

It depends how brave you are. I can’t do it. When the window is open, there will be…

  • bugs coming in
  • cats going out
  • neighbours try to looking out
  • space aliens scanning your DNA
  • cold air bringing you a sore throat
  • burglars tempted to take a look around
  • ghosts wafting through
  • vampires coming in for a snack

Leaving upstairs windows open at night

Benefits of sleeping with bedroom windows open

Whether you have the window open or closed is neither healthy nor unhealthy. This is an example of the growing misuses of the word “healthy” in exactly the same way the word “natural” has become meaningless.

Is the air in your bedroom polluted with dangerous gasses? Is the air in your bedroom more or less polluted than the outside air? Do you have a brand new home with brand new carpeting that is giving off gasses? Do you have some of that Chinese laminate flooring that is giving off formaldehyde, or Chinese drywall giving off hydrogen sulfide?

If not, then it is logical to assume that the air inside your home or apartment is perfectly safe, and if you live in the city probably much cleaner than the air outside, so there is no compelling reason to open the windows other than personal comfort and/or preference.

And, of course, getting enough quality sleep is necessary for a healthy lifestyle, but I’m not sure you can tie that to having the windows open, especially in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

Should I lock my windows at night

It is depending on your neighbourhoods and locality. Also, how much valuables your hold in your house holds.

When should I open my windows at night?

There are very few things in life as lovely has having the windows open on a cool evening, with a breeze blowing through the bedroom that is just cool enough that you snuggle down under the covers and enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep.