The Wing: A Project by Masonry Of Architects

The Wing: As the name rightly indicates the project wing is purely based on south west monsoon winds of Coimbatore.

The plot is south facing that comprises of a green area on the northern side and plot on eastern side, a house on west and the road is at south.

The context has two big trees in front of the house which acted as a key design factor and no trees were cut during the construction. The tree crown on the south eastern part provided the shade for the first half of the house reducing the heat conducting areas.

The living area faces the window in the corner creating the vista for existing trees and plantations.

The house is built by having mud interlock blocks on the southern and western zone. It has case block masonry on the southernmost corner.

Triangular pockets are created all around the house providing the space for the landscape, Utility, pet zone and recreation.

The temperature difference is around 3 degree inside the house.

The house is completely lit throughout the day reducing the mechanical light loads.

Roof carries the profile of a wing point towards the windward direction  which aerodynamically provides wind for the first floor when done.

The walls are aligned in the north east to south west axis creating the wind flow without any hindrance.

The entry is facing the south west direction having a small court in front of the house with the swing area and cutout on top followed by the main entrance.