Common Home Décor Mistakes You Make

Arkitect · 09 Aug, 2022

well, there really isn’t bad news associated with it to counter-balance the previous sentence.

To take the err out of things make your home more beautiful than ever.

To err is human but to keep on erring is totally unwanted, not to mention derogative to your home if the mistakes you make are in the home décor front. 

Maybe saying that a room with windows but no curtains is like an ugly man with no clothes on would be an exaggeration. But by saying it the point is not stretched too far.

One probable reason for this inadvertent mistake is that artworks are hung while standing when they are to be enjoyed while sitting down.

Do it in just Six steps - 6 common home décor mistakes you need to avoid.


Absence of curtains/ shades

The artwork that hangs too high


Your collections are everywhere in the room


Poor light in the room



Avoiding bright colors


Lack of enough rugs

The Result

Quitting home décor mistakes is not as hard as quitting many other habits in life-like smoking cigarettes, for instance.

Voilá !

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